Spiritual Growth

How do we grow in Jesus? How can we become more like Him? How can our lives be a reflection of the resurrection life of His kingdom at work within us? We're glad you asked.
You will need a plan. You will need others. You will need Jesus leading you along the way. We're here to help and we would love to come alongside as you take your own journey of spiritual growth with Jesus. We believe that Jesus is Truth and His Word gives life. (His words, not ours!) He speaks through His living Word, through prayer, and through community. So, we invite you to jump into all three. On this page, you will find:
1. Reading plans for jumping into Scripture this year.
2. Opportunities to grow in your prayer life.
3. The opportunity to connect with a spiritual growth advisor.
4. Other resources we have found helpful in our own growth in Christ.
Option number 3 is a new one for us. We feel a nudge form Jesus to offer customized guidance and counsel for anyone that wants it. This could be a quick, initial conversation over email. An opportunity to meet face to face - just once, or several times. Or it might get you connected to a group or some new friendships. Whatever you need to grow in Jesus, we are here to help.

Spiritual Advisor

Connect with a Spiritual Growth Advisor

Bible Reading Plans

90 Days


This plan takes you on a journey through all four Gospels in ninety days. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with Scripture.

358 Days


One Story that Leads to Jesus is a plan designed by BibleProject to inspire and equip you to read through the entire Bible in one year. This plan incorporates over 150 animated videos to engage you in the Bible’s brilliant literary design and flow of thought. Choose this one-year reading plan for an epic learning journey that helps you experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.

Learn to sit with Jesus in Prayer

Other Resources


Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools

Tyler Staton addresses common prayer roadblocks and provides tools to transform your prayer life through biblical teaching, powerful storytelling, and insights on historic Christian practices

Inspired by:

The Prodigal Song

I just love this song. It is such a good reminder of our need for Jesus. The Prodigal Song - Cory Asbury

Inspired by:

Find your People

This book was such an encouragement to me. It is easy to feel lonely, even when you are around a lot of people. This book helps you think through how to make deep connections with others and grow a community around you.

Inspired by:
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Grow In Prayer


Get Low
  • Pursue the humility of Jesus, both as individuals and as a church.

  • Confess our own desire for recognition and ask that Jesus be exalted.

  • Turn from worldly wisdom and power to humbly follow the way of the cross.

  • Recognize our complete dependence on Jesus and his power.

Love God
  • Obey the greatest commandment to love him with all of our being and all that we have.

  • Live by the power of the crucified and resurrected Christ and his sacrificial love for us.

  • Believe the absolute truth of God's word and live it by keeping his commandments. In so doing, we reveal the love of God in our hearts

  • Marvel in wonder at the love the Lord has for us.

Love Others
  • Strive to be those who repair, build up, and bring together through the love of Jesus.

  • See our fellow God-image bearers the way Jesus sees them.

  • Heed the second greatest commandment: to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

  • Obey Jesus's command to show mercy to our neighbors.

  • Love our enemies and pray for the peace that Jesus offers us through the gospel.

  • Grow in our love for the body of Christ and the world.

Daily Prayer Rhythm

Morning Prayer

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Daily Prayer Rhythm

Midday Prayer

Pray for the lost with us

Daily Prayer Rhythm

Evening Prayer

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