How do I become a member of Pleasant Valley Church?

Church membership is one of the avenues God will use in your life to cause growth and commitment to occur. The membership process has a few steps:

First, we’d like you to attend for 6 months before considering membership; make sure that Pleasant Valley is for you.

Second, it is required that you attend our Made Alive Membership Class. When a membership class is scheduled it will be listed below. After attending the class, fill out the membership application and return it to the church office. The Board will schedule two members to meet with you. This is a wonderful time of getting to know each other, answering any questions you may have about the church and learning about your spiritual journey and your desire to participate at Pleasant Valley Church.                                                                                                                                        

Finally, a recommendation is made to the Board. At their next meeting, the Board will take a vote on your request and you will be notified by letter of your membership.

Upcoming Membership Class:

Please watch for the next opportunity!