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We believe that no one is too young to have a close relationship with God. He is crazy about every single child and is already pursuing after them. We, as a church, get to partner with what God is doing to change the trajectory of each child’s life to know and love Him extravagantly.


As families give us the honor of entrusting their children into our care each week, we believe safety is a vital part of what happens within our Children’s Ministry. That is why every volunteer is screened with an interview and a background check and every child’s name tag is matched to a parent receipt number upon arrival.

We highly value children learning about Jesus in a way that they understand. Our environments and lesson materials are selected with the physical, mental and emotional needs of each child in mind.

We all love fun, and we know that when children have fun at church they cannot wait to come back. We desire for children to grow up loving church, so we are passionate about creating fun ways for children to experience and learn about Jesus.

We are created in God's image, and He is a relational God. We need other people in our lives. By creating relationships with each child, we are showing them the value God has placed on them. Through a relationship, children will build trust in us, which will allow them to in turn build trust in God!

Babies & Toddlers

The Baby & Toddler area is located through the Café and just after the library when you walk in the main doors. The Baby Zone welcomes birth through steady walkers. The Toddler Zone is for any aged walker until they are 2-3 years old's and potty trained.

Our Mission is to support and love on our families by providing the best care possible for your child! Our BTZ staff provides a warm, loving, fun and safe place where each little child can experience the love of God. We do this by both loving on your little one and spending time praying for each child while they are in our care. During our time together our Toddlers have a fun and age-appropriate Circle Time where they get to learn about Jesus through reading the Bible, singing songs, doing fun activities and eating a snack.

*You and your BTZ leader may notice some signs showing your child is ready to move to the Preschool room. If your child is potty trained and is ready for more structured learning during his or her time here, then your child may be ready to move into the Kids’ Church Preschool room. Feel free to let us know when you think your child is ready to make that move. We may also contact you personally if we see signs that your child is ready to transition.

If you have any questions regarding the Baby and Toddler Area, please contact Vicki Boysen

Preschool & Kindergarten

Our Preschool room is located downstairs in room #109 and our kindergarten room is in room #110. We welcome children beginning at the age range of 2-3 years that are potty trained, all the way through Kindergarten.

Children should be potty trained and ready for an age appropriate structured classroom time.

During our morning together we are able to enjoy learning about Jesus through a more structured schedule of activities, crafts, worship, bible stories and skits. We love watching each preschooler and kindergartener’s wonder and love for Jesus grow each week.

If you have any questions regarding the Preschool & Kindergarten Area, please contact Vicki Boysen

1st-4th Grade

Our 1st-2nd Grade Room is located upstairs in #210 and our 3rd-4th Grade Room is down the hall in Room #206.

Every Sunday morning your child can expect to have a blast while getting to know other children and amazing Jesus-loving adults. We provide high-energy and interactive Bible Lessons, relatable skits and worship during our Large Group time, and fun and practical activities and thought-provoking discussion during Small Group time.

Our goal is to help your child understand the amazing news of the Gospel, the greatness of God, and that we get to have a relationship with Him right now, all while building strong relationships with disciple-making adults, and other children their age.

If you have any questions regarding the 1st-4th Grade Area, please contact Emily Elmquist

Buddy Base

The Buddy Base is a Children's Ministry program for birth-6th grade children that would benefit from one-on-one attention during second service. This program can be used for kids that have separation anxiety to children with special needs. Through working with the parents, each child receives an individual program to best suit his/her needs.  We have already seen many kids grow socially, emotionally and spiritually through this incredible program.

At drop off, each child will be paired up with a specially trained Buddy. From there, our Buddy will either go with their child(ren) to their age-group programming, have all programming in The Buddy Base or have a mix of the two depending on that child’s specific needs. 

As of right now, the buddy base meets in room #211 during second service.

If you want to get involved or have any questions regarding The Buddy Base, please email Emily Elmquist, the Buddy Base Coordinator

Kids Made Alive

Kids Made Alive (KMA) is an additional service option for all kids of parents that serve during church and are around for both services.
During first service in room #211.

How it works is when parents check in their child they will check them in for Kids Made Alive for first service and then normal programming for second service. Then after KMA is finished for first service our staff will transition the children to their age group Small Group Room for second service, so parents don't have to worry about picking up their children between services.

During your child's time in Kids Made Alive they will be able to dive a little deeper in how to practically live out their faith on a day to day basis, practice blessing others through working on missions projects, and having a ton of fun!

If you have any questions regarding Kids Made Alive please contact Paige Hanson

How to do Sunday AM Check In/What to expect

When you come in to PV to check in you will find the Check In area for Children’s Ministry right in the main Cafe space. You can go straight over to the Manned Check In Station for one of our Staff to help you. You will receive two name tags per child, as well as a security code for you. One of the nametags goes on the child’s shirt, and the other one is brought to their Small Group Room to be used in our attendance roster. At the end of service please bring your security code to the room(s) you dropped your child(ren) off in and they will match your code with the child’s name tag for you to check the child out. The child’s name tag will indicate their name, what group they are in, any allergies they may have, as well as, a matching code to your security code.

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